high-end & durable

Arrow, a high-end pod device,
is born to rebuild your mind about pod system.

It is voltage adjustable, you can vape with more or less cloud as you like. With two types of coil, cotton coil and ceramic coil,
the flavor first or cloud-first is up to you. What’s more, DS inside makes the pod refillable for 6-8 times,
which performs much durable than any other pods. No leakage and no dry-heat are also features of Arrow’s pod.
Besides, a touch sensor switch, exchangeable battery, and software controllable are its advantages. It is truly a pioneer in the industry.
  • Removable Battery

  • Variable Vottage

  • Vibration Feedback

  • Software Controllable

  • Touch Sensors

  • Child Lock(Optional)

high-end & durable

high-end & durable

high-end & durable


Adjustable Voltage

Three types of voltages provide more flxibility of vaping cloud
More or less cloud? That is under your contol.


Optional Pods

Two kinds of coils of pods satisfy the need of any juice. Cotton Coil and Creamic Coil, both are perfect.


cotton coil

ceramic coil

DS Coil

Double Shell, Triple Cotton, Durable and Flavorful.

Flavorful, Durable, Leak-free, Anti-dry heating, adopting 2 layers of shell and 3 layers of cotton, DS coil is much stronger than normal coils.
360° heating technology makes vaping more fully and efficiently. This coil can be refilled for 6-8 times without any burning problem.
Moreover, it can bring out the best flavor of e-juice from the first time to the last time. Leak-free and anti-dry heating are
also two important improvements from DS coil. It is the coil that you should not miss.


    Durable Pods

    Refillable for 10 refill times.


    Tests Flavor Rates
    1-2 refills
    3-5 refills
    6-10 refills


    Leak-proof Pod Design


    U-shaped airway
      Producing a more delicate airflow
      Reduce the risk of juice leaking from the atomization chamber to the main engine

    Touch Sensors

    Touch sensors are more sensitive, and are often able to respond
    differently to different kinds of touch, such as tapping,
    swiping and pinching.

    Tap 5 times to turn on/off

    Tap 5 times to turn on/off

Exchangeable Strong Battery

By simply changing a battery, a true all-day-long vaping is ready.

Overcharge protection, battery low voltage protection,
and short circuit protection guarantee a safe vaping life.

Vibration Feedback & Battery Indicator

When a battery connects with the body correctly, a vibration occurs, which shows it is ready to vape.

  • Battery Indicator Flashes while
    a Vibration Occurs


    Flashing green light
    Flashing blue light
    Flashing red light

What’s a chip doing in
there? A whole lot.

You can also choose your prefer voltage on the
computer and check how many puffs you have vaped
on your device.

Software Controllable

High-quality Material
& Advance Craft

Seven-layer dyeing process

brings rich colors.

Made of specially designed alloy material from Apple.



  • 36
    Weight (g)
  • 102
    Thickness (mm)
  • 25
    Width (mm)
  • 15
    Height (mm)

  • Dimensions:102*25*15mm
    Coil Resistance:1.4Ω
    Max Output:10-14W
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
    Battery Capacity: 370 mAh
  • Cotton/Ceramic Coil
    Charging Interface :Type-C

Product Roadmap

Package Includes:

1 x Arrow Device
1 x Arrow Pod
1 x USB Cable
1 x Quality Certification
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual
1 x Caution Card



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