Outstanding is better than excellent.


The power of 24‑hour vaping time

Arrow delivers an industry-leading 12 hours of standard vaping time on one charge. And they’re made to keep

up with you, thanks to an exchangeable battery for 24 hours of vaping time.

Up to 370mAh of single battery capacity
Up to 12hr. of battery life on one charge
24hr. of battery life with extra removable battery

We squeezed the most into it. And out of it

Each component inside Quawins has been meticulously designed to get the most out of a small enclosure. We chose powerful yet highly efficient coils using as little power as possible.


To achieve all-day battery life, we needed to use every millimeter of space inside Quawins. So we created an innovative exchangeable battery cell, custom shaped to fit the specific contours of the enclosure. The result is 100 percent more battery cell capacity than would have been possible before with extra battery. It creates the possibility to support you on the go, all day long.


With all-day battery life, Arrow gives you more time to surf, write, draw, work, shop, and whatever else you need to do between charges.


Designed to do more, more simply

The Arrow battery attaches magnetically with a satisfying snap onto the body with vibration feedback. Once attached and with spare battery, you’re always ready to go without interrupting your vaping.

To check the battery life, here is the indicator:

Touching screen

It shows the different color when vaping. Indicator glows during use to reflect battery strength.

Battery LED indicator

Green = High (above 70% power volume)

Blue = Medium (30%-70% power volume)

Red = Low (below 30% power volume)

Pop-up Refillable,Multiple Coil Choices

QUAWINS ARROW also gives different resistance and heating element (organic cotton and ceramic coil). The higher resistance can meet your vaping demand with higher nicotine level, while the lower resistance is more suitable for regular E juice or the one with lower nicotine level but with bigger cloud.

Side intake,Leakage-proof

Versatile anti-spit back and anti-leaking measures is designed for convenience - easy to pack and carry for business travel. Independent air control mechanisms that are located beside instead of underneath the coil not only change the flow of air inside the coil but also prevent any leaking from the bottom of the cartridge.

Incredible technology that’s incredibly simple to use

Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap. It’s that easy.

Arrow is designed as if using it feels like second nature, even if you never have used before. Just place your fingertip on the touch sensor five times and you’re good to go to switch on/off the device and lock/unlock the pod.

Turn the E cigarette you have into the E cigarette you want.

What’s a chip doing in there? A whole lot.

All the groundbreaking things Arrow can do are driven by the custom-designed QUAWINS chip. It produces extremely efficient power for better and improved vapor. And the QUAWINS chip manages battery life so well, you can vape for 12 hours on a single charge. The performance in such a small device is unheard.

  QUAWINS ARROW also gives you the possibility to set different voltage /wattage for the specific use. When connected to software, it allows you to change your settings and track your vaping data giving you a smarter and healthier vaping life.

Fully equipped for an internet world

Quawins takes full advantage of the latest USB and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technologies (optional) — and with innovative Quawins software and services that let you get the most out of them, you can USB-wise or wirelessly connect to our web or App, transfer your vaping files, organize your vaping plan, refund your warranty, and more.

What makes a QUAWINS a QUAWINS?QuawinsOS

QuawinsOS can be used to fully customize and monitor all the aspects of the user experience. No other E-cigarette is like QUAWINS. From the premium-quality workmanship to the built-in security system, and to the innovative ways we looking into the future. Every decision that goes into QUAWINS makes it stand apart.

Exceptional materials Extreme Hand Feel

There are two types of material for the housings: aluminum and stainless steel. A special aerospace-grade aluminum is precision‑machined and anodized to create structural housings . Furthermore, an advanced physical vapor deposition process is applied on the Surgical-grade stainless steel housings for finishes and reflectivity that beautifully highlight the distinguishment of the product itself and its owner.

Unique Dust-proof Design

Equipped with a dust cover.
During the use of the device, the dust cover can be placed on the bottom, which ensures your superb vaping environment.

  • 36 g ( Alu )
  • 102mm
  • 25mm
  • 15 mm
  • Material:Aluminum Alloy+PC
    Tank Capacity:2 ML
    Coil Resistance:1.4Ω
    Working Voltage:3.3-4.2V
  • Charging Current:500mA
    Battery Capacity:370mAh
    Max Output:10~14W Adjustable
    Charging Interface:Micro USB
  • Charging Time:30mins
    Vaping Modes:Mouth
    Mouth (2s):250~300
    Mouth (4s):150~200

Exploded View

Cartridge Monthpiece
Dust-proof Cover

Stainless Steel Shining Version

Aluminum Anodized Version



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